My experience with Distance Reiki Healing. 


I was compelled to attend a Meditation & Reiki Share hosted by 716 Health this past Saturday. For several days I was on the fence, fighting the gut feeling that I needed to go. Last minute I made the decision to go. I was still at war with myself on the way there, trying to figure out why I am even going. Upon arriving, one of the hosts of the event, Chelsea Gill, asked me if I was there to share or receive Reiki. I was speechless because I honestly didn’t know why I was there.

I wandered in and briefly spoke with Chelsea’s mother, who knew who I was with only a first name introduction. Then I took a seat waiting for the event to get started. All the while I kept asking myself “why am I here”? It was a mantra in my head that wouldn’t let up.

Then I noticed that the palms of my hands were getting hot, I’m thinking, “what’s with that”? The meditation begins and while I’m listening to Kristen Cooper guiding the audience through the grounding, I literally felt my feet being grounded to the earth. I’ve never felt that before and at the same time my hands are getting very hot. It was at that point that I was no longer participating in the meditation. I realized that I needed to do a Reiki healing and knowing that it was not for anyone at this event.  

The new mantra in my head was now “Who do I send the healing to”? I was hearing the meditation but in a strange removed way…I was there physically and extremely relaxed but mentally I was searching for the answer to who needed healing.  Towards the end of the meditation a child’s face appeared in my head, full color, as if she was standing right in front of me. Her name is Sydney, Chelsea Gill’s daughter. I’ve never met her before but I’ve seen many photos on Facebook and knew immediately who she was. That was the answer I was looking for and immediately opened my hands to send healing her way and the vision begins… 

I saw a wall of flames, bright yellows, oranges and highlights of red. In the center of the wall of flames something was trying to push through. No sooner than I became concerned by what that may mean the flames instantly became rays of light (same coloring) as if the sun were rising from the horizon. From that source of light Sydney arose into my vision, the light was emanating from her head as if she was the rising sun. As her face came into view, I experienced complete joy, love and peacefulness. The joy I saw in her face at that moment will stay with me forever. It felt like I was seeing God’s light shining through her, healing her.

 As fast as this all began, it ended. I became aware of my surroundings, Kristen was mentioning something about a strange shift in the meditation and I was extremely confused and emotional, not understanding what I just experienced. That is when I went into “flight mode”, I was on the verge of tears and I needed to process what happened. I left the event in a daze. There was this sense of aloneness (not to be confused with loneliness) and peacefulness all at the same time. 

Chelsea reached out to me later in the day. I was reluctant to share what happened. Normally I can put on paper what happens but this time was different. Finally, I gave her a scattered version of what happened without telling her it was her daughter and without sharing the vision with her. Then she asked me if I knew who it was and of course I told her. She indicated that her daughter has been sick for the last couple of days. Later on, I was able to put the vision into words which does come close to what I actually experienced. I sent that to Chelsea and then she tells me that Sydney has had a fever and strep throat for several days.  

I’m totally in awe of what happened now…